From 08.10.2023

Day guests are welcome from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00.

Visit our Venus Star Resort where different events take place every day.
Our events:

Monday Sparkling Wine Party ——————————————– 35€/couple (bottle of sparkling wine – 10€).
Tuesday Happy Hour .—————————————————– 35€/couple (from 15:00 to 19:00).
Wednesday Massage Day. ———————————————— 35€/couple
Thursday Foam Party. —————————————————–39€/couple (1pm-1.30pm) and (2.30pm-3pm).
Friday Sauna Day. ——————————————————— 39€./couple (with various infusions).
Saturday Pizza Day ——————————————————–35€/couple (like at the Italian restaurant, fresh from the pizza oven).
Sunday Pole Dance Show. ———————————————— 40€/couple (paella + sangría – 1l / 2 per = 29€)

Lockers, two towels and luxurious deckchairs are at your disposal.

It is important that you bring your passport or identity card.

We do not accept reservations for day guests.

Our resort is compulsory nudist.

We only accept couples ( husband and wife) and single women.